The 'Green' Machine

the man in my story and the GREEN machine. Photo by. Neni Marlina

Tokyo is a city with almost free from cigarette buds. That was the first thing across in my mind when I visited Tokyo in September 2012. I went almost bare foot from Tokyo – Harajuku – Tokyo and …Thank God, my feet were just fine, never stepped on any particular ‘hazards’. Then I studied that there are quite many signboards of ‘no smoking’ here and there. In addition to that, people obey the rules of those all ‘no smoking’.

here is more fact I can tell: I spot one particular shape of box in green painted which is located here and there among the crowd, i.e. intersection, train station…. what the machines are for. In the bus during my other visits to Harajuku, I noticed a man walking while smoking approaching that ‘green’ box, stood there a while until his cigarette was finished. …then put the cigarette buds inside the machine….and continue his walk along the Harajuku. AHAAA…that green box is cigarettes buds recycle machine!

Rules, regulation and other supporting facilities to advise people to throw the cigarette buds properly can be established by most governments, it is building the character of the citizen to obey the rules that matters. Yeap, Government and people of Japan apparently manage to solve that homework, I guess.


About Neni Marlina

Graduated from Master of Natural Hazards and Disasters, Research School of Earth Science, the Australian National University, Canberra, works as a humanitarian in disaster management.
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