Indonesia-Japan. Part I) WHERE IS ‘KATE HILL’ GOING?


After visiting Moscow two weeks ago, now I am visiting Tokyo. It is just seven hour flights from Indonesia. However, long distance flight to Eastern part usually takes us the late at night boarding …..and that surely I am NOT keen on. It is a direct flight and everything should be fine then. Just fine ….until I missed my ‘Kate-Hill’ trolley bag!

Clear and Clean, I told you I was alone, right.

I arrived at Narita International airport at around 8am, walking and enjoying the morning breeze of Tokyo. Almost alone (I wonder why? I am alone in this ‘ninth busiest airfreight hub in the world’, Wikipedia)….walking along the corridor, immigration check…taking some picts here and there, heading to the baggage claim…and I heard someone calling my last name with the weird accent.

I tried hard to understand his word, then with some helps of ‘wild gestures^^ I concluded that the officer asked me to the station which labeled “Baggage Loss”. NO, not NOW! I will have an important workshop and all my papers are with Kate-Hill..ehmmm (#KateHill is a famous brand originated from Melbourne. I am familiar with Kate Hill during my study in the Australian National University, Canberra. Kate-Hill is about bags, handbags etc. oh, just click here by the way:

Next click, I will write on how I survive during my early days in Tokyo for an international workshop, without KateHill and all with her:)


About Neni Marlina

Graduated from Master of Natural Hazards and Disasters, Research School of Earth Science, the Australian National University, Canberra, works as a humanitarian in disaster management.
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